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Party Patch has a relatively long shelf life but will start to loose its effectiveness after three years.
Party Patch specially-formulated ingredients and transdermal delivery system effectively replenishes the vital Thiamine and essential vitamins lost when you consume alcohol. B1, also known as Thiamine, is a vital nutrient in the breakdown of alcohol in the body. It is also vital to the central nervous system. Because Thiamine is not produced in the body and depleted so rapidly when drinking alcohol, replenishing B1 in your system is critical to feeling your best.
Moments after a patch is applied, your skin activates the patch and begins to transit through the skin into the small blood vessels called capillaries that are plentiful under the skin. This is the direct delivery of the vitamins and supplements active ingredients into the bloodstream or what is called Transdermal Delivery. Nutrients are absorbed directly through the pores in the skin. Because of our unique time release formulation, an increase in Bio-availability is achieved. Delivering Vitamins and Nutrients through the skin allows for maximum absorption increasing the health benefits.Transdermal patches have been estimated to be 7 to 8 times more effective than pills and powders. Party Patch advanced time-release transdermal patches, or with intramuscular injections, virtually 100% of the formula’s dosages levels are delivered directly into your bloodstream, with no degrading stops along the way. (Stomach Acids & Liver) Better yet, with time-release patches, one’s system can metabolize the formula nutrients more efficiently.
Yes, the patch manufactured specifically for Party Patch is hypoallergenic, however, if you have sensitive skin and experience a skin irritation we recommend that you stop using the product immediately and consult your doctor.
Party Patch contain ingredients that are registered food supplements that are considered safe for human consumption. The transdermal patch delivery system has been around since the early 1970’s and is used by major pharmaceutical companies internationally. It uses the surface of the skin to get nutrients to the circulatory system quicker and more efficiently.
Yes, any healthy person can use a Topical Patch. No prescription is required, and all Topical Patches made by Party Patch are safe and convenient to use when the directions are followed. If you are pregnant, nursing, have any serious health conditions or take certain medications, you should consult your doctor or other health care professional before using topical patches or any other nutritional supplement.
Simply remove the Party Patch from its packaging; hold by the corner. Place the patch anywhere on your dry and hairless area of your skin. The thigh, the shoulder, the back and the upper buttock are particularly good locations to ensure privacy. Keep the Party Patch on for at least 8 hours after you have stopped consuming alcohol. The patch will keep in place thanks to the natural adhesive employed by Party Patch. To remove the Party Patch, wet the Party Patch with warm water and gently pull each corner and peel inward. Do not just pull it off the skin.
The Topical Patches made by Party Patch are specifically designed to stay on your skin for 24 hours without causing any irritation or discomfort. If your skin reacts negatively to the application of a Party Patch, immediately remove the patch and consult your doctor.
Since the patch is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any illness or disease, the FDA has no need to evaluate the statements of the product. However, Party Patches are manufactured at FDA registered and approved facilities and stick to ISO 9001: 2008 quality control standards.
Party Patch uses a transdermal process it is absorbed through the skin into the circulatory system and therefore does not wear off in water or if you are active and sweat. Once the patch is attached to the skin it forms an adhesive bond that will not allow water to penetrate through to the vitamin formula, so, it remains effective in the shower or while swimming.

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