What is Party Patch?

Party Patch is an all-natural, topical hangover patch infused with a specially-formulated blend of B-complex vitamins and amino acids. When applied while drinking, the Party Patch nutrients are absorbed into the skin and help to reduce the negative, physical side effects of alcohol. Win tomorrow!

How Party Patch Works.

When you drink, your body consumes essential nutrients to metabolize alcohol. When the liver is short on nutrients, your body calls upon the bloodstream to replenish the supply. As a result, you become deprived of critical nutrients and normal body functions are impaired. You may get dizzy, confused, nauseated, and experience pain or fatigue.

Or, as you know it…the hangover.

B-complex vitamins are especially vulnerable to alcohol consumption. They are essential to neurological and emotional health, and play a vital role in alcohol detoxification. Party Patch replenishes your your body with these nutrients, as well as Taurine, an essential amino acid. This combination may reduce the negative side effects of vitamin depletion due to alcohol use.

Moments after Party Patch is applied, your skin activates the topical delivery system. Our hospital-grade ingredients are absorbed through your pores into the capillaries under the skin. The unique time release formulation allows for maximum benefit and restores your body’s natural defense system.

How to Use Party Patch?

Party Patch is easy to use. There are no pills or powders to take – simply stick it and forget it! Follow these steps when you begin to drink alcohol and keep your Party Patch in place for a minimum of 8 hours.